9 Questions with Suki Lanh

1. Who are you and where do you come from?

Somar Van Lanh or if you can’t pronounce that, Mr. Professor Suki. Normally I make fun of people that say “Oh I’m from X, but I’m REALLY from (insert cool cosmo city where they spent probably two seconds in as a fetus).” I spent the more formative years of my life in Tampa, Florida but I lived in Atlanta until I was 8 and it had a pretty significant effect on my cultural identity. 

2. In terms of filmmaking, how would you categorize yourself?

A…writer? A WRITER. Although I’ve volunteered myself as casting director to a lot of projects because I get so frustrated when good films have unsuitable talent.

3. Why Miami?

Miami has one of the few MFA Film programs that encourages learning everything about everything. 

4.  Complete this thought: As a woman in the film industry, _______________

You get asked if you need help carrying that a lot.

5. When are you happiest?

When I’ve made someone laugh. And when my students write great scripts.

6. Share a photo of something you love.

Can’t find a good picture that represents women in comedy so I’m attaching pho. 

7. What is a movie you’ve seen that you really wish you had made?

1) Bridesmaids 2) Lost In Translation 3) Taylor Swift’s Blank Space music video

8. What do you want to do when you leave the MFA program?

Write something funny, do funny things, and teach humans how to funny. 

9. What’s your biggest fear?


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