A Change of Plans

Initially, the idea was to start Girls & Gear in the Fall 2016 by offering 3 hands-on technical workshops in an environment where those who identify as female and their supporters could sharpen their production skills in a judgement-free zone which would be conducive to all participants learning set and tool basics. However, early on, we discovered that third-year graduate student Andrea Garcia Marquez was tapped by the Department to conduct technical workshops for students every Friday in Studio A. G&G spoke with Andrea to gauge the need for more tech workshops in the fall, but forging ahead would have been a clear duplication of effort. 

As such, G&G decided to focus more on screenings, workshops, lectures, and grants in the fall semester and technical workshops in the spring. This way, the overall technical offerings for students will be spread evenly over the academic year. In the meantime, G&G is still available to provide any technical workshops/trainings on a one-on-one basis to any students feeling like they need a primer. 

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