Girls & Gear launches at UM

Girls & Gear is an organization based at the University of Miami that aims to address the gender gap in the film industry through hands-on film workshops, screenings, and lectures throughout the University of Miami community and beyond. G&G aims to forge lasting connections with South Florida art organizations by participating in both conventional film projects and in art projects and presentations in other fields. 

Often women are marginalized on film sets due to a presumed or real lack of technical knowledge. Over the course of the next year, G&G will address these issues and potential shortcomings in training. April Dobbins, founder of Girls & Gear, will facilitate workshops, discussions, and screening at a number of venues in Florida and beyond. 

At the heart of Girls & Gear is a commitment to teaching, which we hope will lead to diversity and confidence on set. While technical training will be offered starting in the Spring 2017 semester at the University of Miami, the Fall 2016 semester will focus more on film screenings, lectures, and presentations to students who are not necessarily film students in the hopes of identifying storytellers of all academic backgrounds. 

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