9 Questions with Karli Evans

1. Who are you and where do you come from?

My name is Karli Evans, I grew up in the suburbs of Charlotte, NC. I am a visual storyteller, currently sitting on the fence between still photography and film. 

2. In terms of filmmaking, how would you categorize yourself?

I am interested in screenwriting, directing and editing, but I would categorize myself as a director of photography - I think it’s my strongest skill. I love light, framing, and figuring out the best way to visually depict the narrative. 

3. Why Miami?

Miami is loud, colorful, and eccentric with a burgeoning art & music scene - all of that informs my personal photo & film work, but it’s also smaller and less overwhelming than NYC or LA. The longer I’m here, the smaller Miami feels in those communities, I like that. I feel like it’s easier to break into the scene here than in those bigger, more established cities. 

4.  Complete this thought: As a woman in the film industry, _______________

I need to work twice as hard and support my fellow female filmmakers. We cannot see each other as competition.  

5. When are you happiest?

 I am happiest when I’m behind the camera shooting and we get that perfect shot.

6. Will you show us something you love?

People watching and New Orleans. (See below.)

7. What is a movie you’ve seen that you really wish you had made?

Pi by Darren Aronofsky, the first film he made coming out of grad school. It’s gritty, black and white, low budget but well-shot and thought provoking. 

8. What do you want to do when you leave the MFA program?

I need to do something that’s personally fulfilling, not just pays the bills. I’m not sure if that will be photo or film based as soon as I graduate, but the goal is to hone the skills I need to figure out how to make a career by creating. 

9. What’s your biggest fear?

Not making the most of my precious time.

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